AstroPay Card Payments at Online Casinos

The use of virtual or credit cards as payment tools in online casinos is gaining considerable traction because of the ease and security of transactions. When it comes to making deposits into your online casino account or withdrawing your earnings, you can trust AstroPay to handle the transaction in a seamless manner.

Background to the Company – AstroPay

AstroPay is a virtual credit card service provider that offers online transactions to thousands of players in Latin America. Founded by AstroPay LLP Group in 2009, this London-based virtual prepaid card provider has successfully garnered massive adoption among online gamblers, particularly because of the ease of transactions and the zero transaction fees.

Supported Countries

Since its launch in the year 2009, the company has grown to become a force to reckon with in online transactions in Central, Latin, and Southern parts of America. Although it serves more of the American populace, AstroPay also has other countries where it extends its online payment services.

Some of the countries where the company offers convenient internet banking services are Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Venezuela, and Uruguay. Also on the list are Bolivia, Argentina, Costa Rica, Chile, Colombia, and Chile.

How to Get an AstroPay Card

Many online payment users are interested in obtaining an AstroPay virtual card because of the efficiency of the AstroPay online payment structure and the facilitation of transactions with the virtual card. Follow the steps below to get one:

  • Visit the official website of AstroPay
  • Create an account on the website or download the mobile application to sign up
  • Select the “Buy AstroPay Card” at the top right-hand corner of the website or scroll down and click the “Buy Now” button
  • Choose your country of residence
  • Select the type of AstroPay you want to buy
  • Pay in your local country or with other payment options, such as Neteller, Boleto, Bank Transfer, and Envoy
  • Wait for the confirmation email message that would contain your AstroPay details

How to Deposit Money in an Online Casino with AstroPay Card

Now that your AstroPay virtual card details are ready, you may want to make deposits into your online casino wallet using the card. The steps below would guide you through the process:

  • Check if your preferred online casino listed AstroPay as a payment option. If that is the case, you can proceed to the next steps.
  • Go to the checkout page or payment platform of the online casino and select AstroPay as your preferred payment option.
  • Supply your AstroPay card details, such as the 16-digit card number, security code, date of expiration, and security code. After that, you would enter the currency you’re paying with and the amount to be deducted.
  • The final step is the confirmation of the transaction if it went successfully.

Can I Withdraw with AstroPay Card?

Unfortunately, players are not allowed to withdraw their online casino winnings using the AstroPay virtual card. Therefore, you may need to find a different withdrawal method to get your funds out of your online casino account.


Thousands of players/gamblers in Latin America, as well their counterparts in the Southern and Central parts are passionate about using AstroPay virtual card to make deposits in their online casino wallets because of the seamless transaction and the zero fees it attracts.

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