GiroPay Payments at Online Casinos

Giropay was one of the early adopters of the trend of online payments. It has been over a decade since it was launched and during that time, it has been able to carve a niche for itself in the online payment industry.

Are you an online casino player that is looking for a viable payment system that helps you fund your betting account with ease? Then join us as we look at the possibility of using Giropay to achieve that.


As earlier noted, Giropay was one of the many online payment methods that were birthed after the use of online payment systems became rampant. The journey to becoming one of the leading online payment systems in Europe started in 2006 when it was launched. It is important to note that the establishment was the result of the collaboration between the platform and over 1,300 banks in Germany at the time. This represents 75% of the German market, which is an indication that Giropay has a massive user base.

The efficacy of its services is borne out of the fact that it doesn’t make use of intermediaries, just as it is fast. It is also used because it allows users to make online payments without necessarily disclosing their banking information.

Giropay now ranks as one of the most trusted online payment systems in Europe and has a good user base in Germany. It also accounts for 16% of online transactions executed by German residents. Giropay has over 40 million Austrian and German users and is supported by over 1,500 banks.

Supported Countries

Giropay is in massive use in Germany and Austria. The user base also extends to the Netherlands where it ranks as one of the leading online payment systems, courtesy of Buckaroo, an online payment engine in the Netherlands.

Registering for an Account

You don’t need a special account set up to use the service. Instead, all you need is your online banking access data, such as TAN and PIN. Therefore, you only need to log into your online casino account and use the Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) method, such as a code sent by SMS to validate the transaction.

Funding Your Online Casino Account with GiroPay

It is now time to fund your online betting account with Giropay. The first step is to verify your banking details with the online casino. If successful, you can visit the deposit/cashier page and select Giropay as your preferred payment method. Enter the amount you wish to deposit and follow the pop-up window to log into your online banking system. Expect your bank’s SMS that would confirm the Transaction Identification Number (TAN) for validating the transaction.

Withdrawing Your Earnings with GiroPay

It is not possible to use Giropay to withdraw your online casino earnings to your Giropay account. Instead, the interoperability between your Giropay and your bank empowers you to transfer or withdraw your earnings directly to your banking account.

This process is the same as funding your betting account, except that you would provide your banking details and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the transaction.


Now that you have discovered the best way to fund your online casino account with Giropay, you may check if your preferred online casino supports the service before implementing the steps.