Siru Mobile Payments at Online Casinos

Payments through mobile (telephone) numbers are increasingly getting popular in recent years, and with this trend comes the fact that online users can now facilitate payments by simply making use of their mobile (telephone) numbers. In the dawn of this trend came the launch of Siru Mobile, which is an efficient payment method that allows players to make payments through a mobile number and phone.


Siru Mobile was launched in 2011 by Finland-based developers who saw a need to introduce a new payment method for online users in the country. Siru Mobile allows you to pay for online bills, including funding your online casino account, all by using your active telephone number. You don’t necessarily need to own a smartphone because it works in different categories of devices.

The functionality of this online casino payment method is simple. It allows you to connect your mobile (telephone) number to a Siru wallet, which can then be used to make online payments. It is interesting to note that payments initiated through Siru Mobile are safe and secure because they are charged to your mobile carrier. This is innovative, considering the fact that you wouldn’t expose your online banking details nor that of your personal data/information.

Supported Countries

Siru Mobile is available in Finland and other countries, including Norway, Sweden, the UK, and the US (California).

How to Register

You do not need a Siru account to initiate transactions but you need to enter your active telephone number and have a telephone device that can receive an SMS. To register, you would have to visit the website where you would enter your mobile phone number. You would also create a password, after which the system would send you an SMS containing your verification code. This code (just as others that would be sent when using Siru Mobile) would be used to validate transactions.

Funding Your Online Casino Account Using Siru Mobile

To add money to your online casino account using Siru Mobile, you would need to navigate to the cashier or deposit page. Choose Siru as your preferred payment method. Enter your mobile number and the verification code that was sent to your mobile number. The payment would then be confirmed and the funds moved to your online casino account.

Note that there would be a verification process aside from the verification code sent to your mobile number. In this case, you would need to take the telephone call initiated to your provided mobile number before the transaction would be confirmed.

Adding funds to your online casino account is facilitated by debiting your phone subscription. That way, you wouldn’t have to pay through your bank accounts.


It is important to note that the possibility of withdrawing your earnings from an online casino using Siru Mobile is not available.


Siru Mobile is a seamless, secure, and simple way of adding money to your online casino account. The formulation as a mobile payment option makes it easier for many online casino players to fund their betting accounts, using the above clues.

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