Some Really Quirky Casino Facts

Many gambling enthusiasts don't solely aim to make a fortune, as even legendary figures like Bugsy Siegel indulged in some lighthearted fun at the tables or slots. For those who want to enjoy gambling without risking their pockets, read on for some interesting facts. 

  • Super Big Bertha is the world's largest slot machine, built in the 1950s with 8 reels and a price tag of $150k. Standing at 2 meters wide and 2.5 meters tall, the odds of hitting the jackpot were a whopping 1 in 25 billion. 
  • The first slot machine, developed in 1891, was based on poker hands and offered small payouts in the form of cigars, beers, or other freebies. 
  • Statistics reveal that 68% of Las Vegas gamblers spend their money on slot machines, with one lucky engineer winning $39,710,826.36 on the Megabucks slot machine. 
  • Interestingly, citizens of Monaco are not permitted to enter local casinos' gaming rooms, a rule in place since 1856 to prevent excessive debt. However, they can work at the casinos. 
  • Aristotle wrote a guide on dice probabilities, which would have helped him excel at playing craps without cheating. 
  • In 1950, a sailor playing craps at the Las Vegas Desert Inn achieved an astounding 27 straight wins, with odds of over 12 million to one. He won $750, though he could have earned $268 million if he had bet the house limit on each roll. 
  • Roulette was originally intended to be a perpetual motion machine by Blaise Pascal, with variations such as French, American, European, and Royal Roulette available today. 
  • Francois Blanc, credited with making Monte Carlo a gambling hotspot, is rumored to have sold his soul to the devil to learn the secrets of roulette. The game is also referred to as “The Devil's Game” due to the numbers adding up to 666. Surprisingly, 46% of online roulette players are female.
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