Gta Online Casino Heist Disguise Approach

Gta Online Casino Heist Disguise Approach

The Gta Online Casino Heist Disguise Approach is one of the three possible approaches players can choose for their heist in the Diamond Casino & Resort, the newest addition to the world of Grand Theft Auto Online. This approach requires players to acquire disguises, which they can use to infiltrate the casino and steal valuable loot without raising any suspicion from security guards or other players.

How to Start the Disguise Approach

In order to start the Disguise Approach, players will need to purchase a pair of Night Vision Goggles, which will cost them ,000. This can be done by accessing the planning board in the Arcade basement, where players have the option to start the heist and choose their preferred approach.

Obtaining Disguises

Once the heist has been started, players will need to make their way to the nearby Gruppe Sechs van and steal the Gruppe Sechs Stockade. This truck contains the disguises that players will need, along with a getaway vehicle. Players can either eliminate the driver and steal the truck or use stealth to take down the guards and access the truck without raising any alarms.

Once players have acquired the truck and changed into their disguises, they can enter the casino and begin the heist. It is important to note that the disguises will only last for a limited amount of time, so players will need to move quickly and efficiently to complete their mission before the disguises wear off.

The Maintenance Area

One of the main advantages of the Disguise Approach is the access to the Maintenance Area inside the casino. This area is only accessible to players using this approach and it allows them to bypass security cameras and other obstacles inside the casino. This makes it easier for players to reach their targets without getting caught or triggering alarms.

Disguise Options

There are multiple disguise options available for players to choose from in the Disguise Approach. These options include Maintenance, High Roller, and Casino Staff disguises.

Maintenance Disguise

This disguise will make players look like maintenance workers, allowing them to access restricted areas without raising any suspicion. It is a suitable option for players who prefer to use stealth to complete their heist but it is not the most efficient disguise option. Players in this disguise can only carry a small toolkit and a wrench, which makes it difficult to defend themselves against enemies.

High Roller Disguise

The High Roller disguise will make players look like wealthy gamblers, giving them access to exclusive areas in the casino and allowing them to blend in with other players. This disguise is a good option for players who want to use social engineering to complete their heist, as they can interact with other players and gather information without raising any suspicion. However, players in this disguise can only carry a handgun, which makes it challenging to defend themselves if they get into a firefight.

Casino Staff Disguise

The Casino Staff disguise is the most efficient option for players in the Disguise Approach. It allows them to carry a stun gun and a launcher, giving them the ability to take down enemies quickly and quietly. This disguise makes players look like regular casino employees, allowing them to move freely around the casino without attracting any attention. However, players should beware of other casino staff members, as they may still recognize players as imposters and trigger alarms.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Disguise Approach

Like any other approach in the Gta Online Casino Heist, the Disguise Approach has its own advantages and disadvantages.


  • Access to the Maintenance Area, which makes it easier to reach targets without setting off alarms
  • Multiple disguise options available to choose from
  • Allows players to gather information and interact with other players without raising suspicion


  • Limited time frame for the disguises to last
  • Limited weapons and equipment options for each disguise
  • Players may still be recognized as imposters by other casino staff members and trigger alarms


The Gta Online Casino Heist Disguise Approach offers players a unique and challenging way to complete the Diamond Casino & Resort heist. With multiple disguise options and the ability to access the Maintenance Area, this approach requires players to use stealth and social engineering skills to complete their mission successfully. However, players should be aware of the limitations and potential risks of using disguises during the heist. Choose wisely and good luck with your heist!

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