Gta Online Casino Heist Points Of Interest

Gta Online Casino Heist Points Of Interest:

GTA Online Casino Heist Points of Interest refer to the locations that players can explore and potentially exploit during their casino heist missions in the popular game Grand Theft Auto Online. These points of interest, also known as POIs, serve as key elements in planning and executing a successful heist, offering players valuable rewards and loot.

The GTA Online Casino Heist was introduced by Rockstar Games in December 2019 and has become a favorite among players for its high-stakes gameplay and lucrative rewards. With the introduction of three new heists in the game, players can now plan and execute different types of heists, including the Diamond Casino Heist, which revolves around the iconic Diamond Casino and Resort location in Los Santos.

Points of Interest (POIs) play a vital role in the Diamond Casino Heist, and players can discover them by completing optional prep missions, gathering intel, or simply through exploration. These POIs are scattered throughout the Diamond Casino and Resort, and players must strategically utilize them to maximize their chances of success in heist missions.

The following are some examples of GTA Online Casino Heist Points of Interest with their respective purposes:

1. Vault Contents:
This POI reveals the contents of the vault, providing players with valuable information about what they can expect inside. By completing the “Vault Contents” prep mission, players can discover if the vault contains cash, artwork, or gold, helping them plan their heist approach and choose the necessary equipment.

2. Security Pass Level 1, 2, and 3:
Security Pass Levels are crucial POIs that players can obtain by completing the “Security Pass” prep mission. These passes grant players different levels of access to the various restricted areas in the Diamond Casino and Resort. The higher the level of security pass, the more areas players can access, providing them with more opportunities to collect loot and complete objectives.

3. Staff Lobby Door:
The Staff Lobby Door is another POI that players can discover during the prep mission “Security Pass.” This door can be used in conjunction with a Level 2 Security Pass to access staff-only areas in the casino, such as the Casino Model Room, where players can find important items and equipment to help them in the heist.

4. Casino Architect Model:
Players can unlock this POI by completing the prep mission “Duggan Shipments.” This model of the casino is a valuable tool to help players plan their approach and determine the locations of security cameras and guards, allowing them to avoid detection and increase their chances of success.

5. Sewer Entrance and Main Door:
These two POIs can be accessed by completing the “Vault Keycards” prep mission. By discovering the sewer entrance, players can find a hidden passage that allows them to enter the casino through the sewers and avoid patrols. The Main Door, on the other hand, can be hacked to gain access to the casino using a Passcode, helping players make a quick and undetected entry.

6. Casino VIP Related Rooms:
The Casino VIP Related Rooms refer to key areas in the Diamond Casino and Resort, including the Infinite 8 Room, Storage Room, Staff Room, and Cleaning Room. Players can access these rooms by completing the “Vault Keycards” prep mission, and they may contain loot, equipment, or other important items that can aid in the heist.

7. Casino Security Cameras:
Another POI players should take note of is the Casino Security Cameras, which they can disable by completing the “Security Intel” prep mission. These cameras are strategically placed throughout the casino and can alert security if players are spotted, making them a significant threat to a successful heist.

8. Security Pass Keycode and Patrol Routes:
By completing the prep mission “Security Intel,” players can unlock the Security Pass Keycode, which can help them hack into the security system and disable the alarms, cameras, and doors. They also gain access to information about security patrols, which can help them avoid detection and complete objectives without being noticed.

9. Entry and Exit Disguises:
The Entry and Exit Disguises are crucial POIs that players must discover during the prep mission “Vault Contents.” These disguises allow players to blend in and avoid suspicion while entering and exiting the casino, increasing their chances of success.

These are just some examples of the many POIs that players will encounter in the GTA Online Casino Heist. By understanding their purposes and strategies to unlock them, players can plan and execute successful heists, earning valuable rewards and in-game currency. So, make sure to explore and discover these points of interest to increase your chances of success in the Diamond Casino Heist.

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