Gta Online Diamond Casino Scope Out

Glossary Entry: Gta Online Diamond Casino Scope Out

Gta Online Diamond Casino Scope Out is a mission in the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Online video game where players rob the Diamond Casino and Resort in Los Santos, a fictional city based on Los Angeles. It is part of the The Diamond Casino Heist DLC, released on December 12, 2019. This DLC also introduced the Diamond Casino and Resort, a new location for players to visit and gamble.

Diamond Casino Heist

The Diamond Casino Heist is a multi-team mission, where players can team up with up to three other players and plan and execute a heist on the Diamond Casino and Resort. This mission is repeatable and can be completed multiple times, with different variations in the objectives and target items for stealing. The players can choose their approach, and the mission has three approaches: the stealthy approach, the aggressive approach, and the smart approach. Each approach has its own set of challenges and requires different skills and strategies to successfully complete it.

Gta Online Diamond Casino

The Gta Online Diamond Casino is a new fictional casino in the game, located on the outskirts of Los Santos. It is owned by the powerful and influential Duggan family, who have a monopoly on gambling in Los Santos. The casino offers various forms of gambling, including slot machines, roulette, blackjack, poker, and horse racing. Players can also purchase chips with real money and use them to gamble in the casino.

Gta Online Diamond Casino Scope Out

The Gta Online Diamond Casino Scope Out is a pre-requisite mission for the Diamond Casino Heist. In this mission, the players are required to gather intel and scope out the casino to plan their heist. This mission can be accessed by talking to Lester Crest, one of the main characters in the game, after purchasing a penthouse in the Diamond Casino. The players can also choose to complete this mission solo, without any other players.

During the Gta Online Diamond Casino Scope Out mission, the players are required to find and take pictures of six different points of interest in the casino, such as security cameras, security guards, and access points. The players can also choose to access different disguise outfits, which can help them in their heist.

Diamond Casino Heist Approaches

As mentioned earlier, the Diamond Casino Heist has three different approaches that players can choose from. These approaches can drastically change the gameplay and objectives of the heist, making it a unique experience each time it is completed. The stealthy approach requires players to remain undetected and steal the loot without alerting the guards. The aggressive approach involves intense gunfights and a high-speed escape. The smart approach allows players to hack into the security systems and control the casino’s environment to their advantage.

Target Items

The target items in the Diamond Casino Heist vary depending on the chosen approach and the selection made by the players during the Gta Online Diamond Casino Scope Out mission. The players can choose to steal cash, artwork, gold, or diamonds. Each target has a different value and requires different methods to steal and escape with it successfully.

Planning Board

In the planning board, the players can choose their approach, target, and various other options to customize their heist. They can also choose the time of day that they want to execute the heist, as it affects the casino’s security and layout. The planning board also shows the potential payout for the heist.

Gta Online Casino Heist Setup

After completing the Gta Online Diamond Casino Scope Out mission and choosing their heist approach, the players are required to complete several setup missions. These missions are essential for the success of the heist and can include infiltrating various businesses, stealing equipment, and gathering supplies. The setup missions also act as a way for players to familiarize themselves with the casino’s layout and guards’ locations.


The payout for the Diamond Casino Heist can vary depending on the chosen approach, target, and difficulty. The players can earn a maximum of ,115,000 from the heist, with a potential bonus depending on the time it takes to complete the mission. The players can also choose to split the loot evenly among all team members or give everyone a different cut.

Overall, the Gta Online Diamond Casino Scope Out is an exciting and challenging mission that requires planning, teamwork, and careful execution. It adds a new level of gameplay to the already vast world of GTA Online, making it a popular and highly anticipated feature among players. With the multiple approaches, targets, and customization options, the Diamond Casino Heist offers endless possibilities and an exciting experience for players to enjoy.

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