Gta Online How To Do Casino Heist

GTA Online How to Do Casino Heist

GTA (Grand Theft Auto) is a popular video game series developed by Rockstar Games. The latest installment, GTA Online, allows players to join a virtual world and engage in various activities such as heists, races, and missions. One of the most exciting and lucrative activities in GTA Online is the Casino Heist. In this glossary entry, we will discuss the step-by-step process of how to do a Casino Heist in GTA Online.

What is a Casino Heist?

A Casino Heist is a multiplayer mission in GTA Online where players work together to rob one of the three casinos in Los Santos. These casinos are The Diamond Casino & Resort, The Diamond Casino & Resort (Odd Job), and The Diamond Casino Heist. Players have to plan and execute the heist, all while avoiding security guards and law enforcement.

Prerequisites for the Casino Heist

Before attempting a Casino Heist, players must have already completed the following missions:

  • Complete the GTA Online tutorial
  • Be at least at level 12
  • Purchase a high-end apartment and decorate it with a Heist Planning Room
  • Complete the Fleeca Job, a 2-player heist, to unlock Lester’s call to start the Casino Heist

Setting Up the Casino Heist

Once the prerequisites are completed, players will receive a call from Lester inviting them to start the Casino Heist. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to set up the heist:

  1. Head to your high-end apartment and enter the Heist Planning Room.
  2. Select “The Diamond Casino Heist” and choose your approach – ‘Aggressive’, ‘The Big Con’, or ‘Silent & Sneaky’. Each approach has its own setup missions and can be replayed with different approaches even after the heist is completed.
  3. Choose your heist crew from a list of available NPCs. Each NPC has different skills and will take a cut from the final heist earnings.
  4. Choose the location of your entry point – main lobby, staff lobby, or waste disposal.
  5. Select your exit strategy – either the classic getaway vehicle or the new buyer strategy.
  6. Choose your support crew members – a gunner, hacker, and driver. Each member will provide different bonuses such as extra ammunition, better hacking skills, and faster vehicles.
  7. Finally, set the heist difficulty – Normal or Hard. The harder the difficulty, the higher the payout.
  8. Confirm the details and a new marker will appear on your map, leading you to Lester’s factory where you can start the setup missions.

Completing the Setup Missions

The setup missions are crucial in setting up the heist and players must complete them to unlock the finale. These missions involve reconnaissance, acquiring necessary equipment, and dealing with potential threats. Here are some key points to keep in mind while completing the setup missions:

  • Gather intel to become familiar with the casino layout and determine the best approach for your heist.
  • Steal a getaway vehicle from a specific location and deliver it to your heist-factory as it will be your escape vehicle during the heist.
  • Choose hacking equipment to be used during the heist. The better the equipment, the faster the hacking process.
  • Acquire keycards, patrol routes, and security passes to give you access to restricted areas of the casino during the heist.

The Finale

After completing the setup missions, players can finally start the heist. Make sure to pay close attention to Lester’s instructions and keep in mind the following tips:

  • Equip yourself with the necessary weapons and armor before starting the heist.
  • Make use of the intel gathered during the setup missions to navigate through the casino and avoid security.
  • Work with your crew to complete objectives, unlock vault doors, and collect money and loot.
  • Decide how you want to divide the loot between your crew members and make sure to reach the escape vehicle safely.
  • After successfully escaping, players will receive their cut of the heist earnings.

Replaying the Casino Heist

Players can replay the Casino Heist even after it is completed. This time, they can choose a different approach, a different crew, and even complete all optional challenges to increase their earnings. Moreover, players can also purchase a Casino Heist Arcade, which will allow them to plan and execute the heist without going through the prerequisites.

In conclusion, the Casino Heist is a thrilling and lucrative mission in GTA Online. With proper planning, coordination, and execution, players can become master thieves and earn a substantial amount of money in the virtual world of Los Santos. So gather your crew, prepare your equipment, and get ready to pull off the ultimate heist in GTA Online!

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