Gta Online How To Do Casino Missions

GTA Online How To Do Casino Missions


GTA Online is a popular online multiplayer game developed by Rockstar Games. It offers players the ability to create their own character and explore the vast open world of Los Santos with their friends. One of the newest additions to the game is the Diamond Casino and Resort, where players can participate in various casino games and missions. In this glossary entry, we will discuss how to successfully complete casino missions in GTA Online.

What Are Casino Missions?

Casino missions in GTA Online are a series of new missions introduced with the Diamond Caisno and Resort update. These missions can be accessed by visiting the casino and interacting with the mission board located near the main entrance. They involve completing various tasks such as stealing a car, hacking a computer, or delivering a package within a limited time frame. These missions are a great way to earn money and RP (Reputation Points) in the game.

How To Start A Casino Mission:

To start a casino mission, players need to visit the Diamond Casino and Resort and interact with the mission board located near the main entrance. The mission board will display all the available missions, and players can choose the one they want to participate in. Once a player has selected a mission, they can invite their friends or other players to join in.

Planning And Strategy:

Before starting a casino mission, it is essential to have a proper plan and strategy in place. This includes selecting the right players to join the mission and assigning roles to each member. It is also crucial to have good communication among team members to ensure a smooth and successful completion of the mission.

Completing A Casino Mission:

Each casino mission has a specific objective that needs to be completed within a set time limit. The objectives can vary from mission to mission, but most of them involve completing a task while evading or taking down enemy NPCs (Non-Player Characters). It is crucial to work as a team and communicate effectively to complete the mission successfully.

Types Of Casino Missions:

GTA Online offers a variety of casino missions, each with its unique objective. Some of the most popular casino missions include:

1. Loose Cheng:

In this mission, players are tasked with rescuing Mr. Cheng from a rival gang’s clutches. This mission involves a lot of shooting and driving as players have to fight their way through enemy NPCs to reach the destination. It is recommended to have a team of skilled players to complete this mission efficiently.

2. House Keeping:

This is a stealth-based mission where players have to enter a rival gang’s hideout and retrieve some sensitive data from their computer. The mission requires players to be stealthy and avoid alerting the enemies while completing the objective. It is essential to have at least one player with good hacking skills to complete this mission successfully.

3. Cashing Out:

Cashing Out is a high-speed chase mission where players have to steal a car filled with money and deliver it to a specific location while avoiding enemy NPCs and the police. This mission involves a lot of driving and shooting, so having a team with good driving and shooting skills is important.


Completing casino missions rewards players with money and RP, which can be used to purchase new weapons, vehicles, and properties in the game. The amount of money and RP awarded depends on the difficulty of the mission and the number of players participating in it.


Casino missions in GTA Online offer a new and exciting way to earn money and RP in the game. With a variety of missions to choose from and different objectives to complete, players can never get bored. However, completing these missions requires proper planning, strategy, and teamwork. We hope this glossary entry has given you a better understanding of how to successfully complete casino missions in GTA Online.

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