Gta V Online Scope The Casino

GTA V Online Scope The Casino

GTA V Online is a popular multiplayer online game developed by Rockstar Games, which is a subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive. The game is set in the fictional city of Los Santos in the state of San Andreas and allows players to take on various roles, including creating their own criminal enterprises and completing missions. One of the most popular features of GTA V Online is its casino, which recently added a new scope to its gameplay.

What is the Casino in GTA V Online

The casino in GTA V Online is a fictitious gambling establishment located on the outskirts of Los Santos. It was first introduced in the game as a building with a “Coming Soon” sign, and after years of anticipation, it finally opened its doors to players in 2019. The casino features various gambling activities, including slot machines, blackjack, roulette, and horse racing. Players can also buy chips with in-game currency and use them to play at the casino or purchase luxury items from the Casino Store.

The Addition of Scope to the Casino

In July 2020, Rockstar Games announced a major update to the GTA V Online casino – the addition of scope. This update allows players to enter the casino with a new perspective, unlock missions, and earn extra rewards. The main goal of adding scope to the casino is to provide players with a new way to engage with the game and earn more in-game currency.

GTA V Online Scope Missions

GTA V Online scope missions are a new addition to the gameplay and require players to purchase a Casino Penthouse in order to access them. The scope missions are designed to give players different ways to experience the casino, and each mission has a specific objective. For instance, one mission may require players to perform a heist while another may involve completing a betting spree. These missions are not just limited to the casino itself but also span across the city of Los Santos.

Requirement to Unlock Scope Missions

As mentioned earlier, players need to own a Casino Penthouse in order to access scope missions. The Penthouse can be purchased with in-game currency or with real money through the game’s online store. Along with unlocking scope missions, owning a Penthouse also comes with perks like access to the VIP area of the casino, a private dealer, and a rooftop terrace with a spa and party area.

GTA V Online Scope Rewards

One of the main reasons for completing scope missions is the rewards they offer. Players can earn a significant amount of in-game currency by successfully completing these missions. The amount of rewards varies depending on the mission and its difficulty level. Additionally, there are also bonuses for completing all scope missions in a single playthrough, making it a lucrative opportunity for players to earn more in-game currency.

Other Casino Rewards

Apart from the scope rewards, the GTA V Online casino also offers various other rewards for players. These include winning chips at the casino games, completing daily objectives, and participating in special events hosted by Rockstar Games. Players can use these rewards to purchase items from the Casino Store, such as clothing, artwork for the Penthouse, and even a new car.

GTA V Online Scope Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks for players to make the most out of the scope feature in the GTA V Online casino:

  • Invest in a Casino Penthouse to unlock scope missions and earn more rewards.
  • Choose the right approach to complete scope missions based on your playing style and skill level.
  • Participate in special events hosted by Rockstar Games to earn extra rewards.
  • Save up your chips and use them strategically at the casino games.
  • Take breaks from the casino and explore other aspects of the game to avoid overspending.


The addition of scope to the GTA V Online casino has brought a new dimension to the game, providing players with more opportunities to earn in-game currency and engage with the game. With the constantly evolving gameplay and updates, the casino is sure to remain a popular feature of GTA V Online for years to come.

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