How To Scope The Casino In Gta Online

How To Scope The Casino In Gta Online

GTA Online is a popular online multiplayer game that features a virtual world filled with various activities, including a fully functional casino. The casino in GTA Online offers players a chance to try their luck at various games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Slots, and more. However, before players can start gambling at the casino, they must first scope it out. Scoping the casino is a crucial step as it allows players to gather information and plan their approach before attempting any heist or robbery. In this glossary entry, we will discuss the steps to scope the casino in GTA Online.

What is Scoping The Casino?

Scoping the casino involves gathering information and gathering intel on the location, security, and access points of the casino. This information is crucial as it will help players plan their approach for any potential heist or robbery. The scoping process can be done solo or with a team and requires players to complete various objectives to gather the necessary information.

How To Start Scoping The Casino

The first step in scoping the casino is to speak with Lester, who is found in your high-end apartment or in his warehouse. He will give you access to the casino’s security systems and provide you with a scope out board, which serves as a planning board for the heist. Interacting with the board will give you a list of objectives that you must complete to gather the necessary information.

What Are The Objectives?

There are three main objectives that players must complete to scope out the casino. These objectives are:

  • Find the Casino Model
  • Find Vault Contents
  • Scope Out Points of Interest

Find the Casino Model

Players must take a picture of the front of the casino to find the casino’s model. This can be done by heading to the casino’s front entrance and taking a picture of the main building. Alternatively, players can use a drone to take an aerial photo of the casino. Once the picture is taken, players can return to Lester to confirm the casino’s model.

Find Vault Contents

The second objective is to find the vault contents of the casino. The vault contents can be located either by hacking into the casino’s security system or by infiltrating the casino and taking a picture of the vault door. If players choose to hack the system, they will need to solve a hacking minigame to access the information. If they choose to take a photo of the vault door, they will need to avoid security cameras and guards to get close enough without alerting anyone.

Scope Out Points of Interest

The final objective is to scope out the points of interest inside the casino. These points of interest include security cameras, guard patrol routes, access points, and more. Players can use their phone’s camera to take pictures of these points of interest without drawing any suspicions. Additionally, players can also interact with certain objects inside the casino, such as security keypads, to gather more information.

What Happens After All the Objectives Are Completed?

Once all the objectives have been completed, players can return to Lester to confirm all the information they have gathered. This information will then be used to plan and execute a potential heist or robbery at the casino. The more information players gather, the better their chances of success.

Why Is Scoping The Casino Important?

Scoping the casino is vital as it allows players to plan and prepare before attempting any heist or robbery. It also helps players identify potential risks and challenges they may face, allowing them to come up with strategies to overcome them. Additionally, successfully scoping the casino will also reward players with experience points and money.


Scoping the casino in GTA Online is a crucial step before attempting any heist or robbery. It involves completing three main objectives to gather information and intel on the casino, which can be used to plan and execute a successful heist. Players should carefully plan and strategize their approach to minimize risks and increase their chances of success. So, if you’re ready to hit the casino in GTA Online, make sure you scope it first!

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