Neosurf Payments at Online Casinos

Neosurf is commended for its viability as an online casino payment method and the reasons for this are obvious. It prides itself on being secure and convenient, which are indeed some of the major characteristics that online casino players look for when choosing a payment method.

Are you looking to fund your betting account using Neosurf but don’t know how to go about it? Then read on as we unveil the steps you can take to achieve that.

Background of the Payment Service Provider – Neosurf

Neosurf was initially launched in France but has over the last couple of years, extended its services to over 13 countries of the world. It is formulated as a prepaid cash voucher that can be used in a variety of situations, such as gas stations, groceries, and supermarkets.

Neosurf allows players to have control over their finances by enabling them to only fund their prepaid card with the amount of money they wish to spend. Many players make use of it because of the simple and secure payment method with regard to online casino deposits.

Another amazing feature is that it doesn’t require registration or outright provision of important personal information. Neosurf also allows players to track their payment history and to transfer funds from an old Neosurf to a new one.

The major users of the card are French-speaking customers. Neosurf is owned and operated by Neosurf Cards SAS, a French company.

Supported Countries

Neosurf is available in France and in a few European countries, including Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Andorra, and Spain. It is also available in some African countries, including Congo, Ivory Coast, Morocco, Cameroon, and Benin.

How to Register for the Card

You can purchase Neosurf from an authorized retailer, after which you can fund the card in any of the available values, such as €10, €15, €20, €50, and €100, using cash. You will need to scratch the card to get the 10-digit PIN on the back of the voucher. This would be used to validate the transaction.

Depositing in an Online Casino Using Neosurf

You need to create an account at your favorite online casino, which also accepts or supports the use of Neosurf as a payment method. After doing so, you are to navigate to the cashier page, where you will select Neosurf as your preferred payment method.

Ideally, the operator/online casino would bring up a pop-up window where you would fill in the necessary details. You will enter the amount you wish to deposit (the rule is to enter the same value that is the same as that on the voucher). You will also enter the 10-digit PIN (scratch the back of the voucher to locate this). Click on the “Validate” or “Confirm” button to validate the transaction. The funds would immediately be credited to your betting account if the transaction was successful.


Withdrawing your earnings using Neosurf is not possible because the card is designed for deposits only. Therefore, you may need to explore other withdrawal options to get your earnings.


Neosurf is simple, fast, and secure, thereby, guaranteeing the security of your transaction. The formulation as a prepaid voucher makes it easy to fund your betting account in good time.

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