EuTeller Payments at Online Casinos

The fortunes of online casinos continue to grow to tremendous heights, and with it comes a proliferation in the number of online payment services that allow users to fund their wallets in a seamless and transparent manner. It is a fact that these platforms are embroiled in a challenge of sorts when deciding on a payment structure to implement for users. However, the likes of EuTeller are ready solutions for the teeming number of players that make use of online mediums to add money to their accounts.

Background of the Company – EuTeller

Online banking services can either be global or restricted to a particular region. For EuTeller, the target audience is predominantly Finnish, which implies that the service is specifically for players/gamblers that are resident in Finland.

This online payment service was founded in 2007 and rose to be considered one of the most prominent online payment services in Finland. It is interesting to note that the nine (9) major banks in the country are affiliated with EuTeller, of which the latter plays the role of an intermediary between the users and the banks. This relationship became important following the increase in online fraudulent transactions that threaten the security of users’ banking accounts. Therefore, players that make use of the robust and secure payment system from EuTeller are sure that their virtual card details wouldn’t be compromised. Instead, their transactions would be secure and anonymous.

Supported Countries

Based on the disposition of the platform, all transactions that are facilitated through its medium are restricted to Finnish players.

How to Register or Open an EuTeller Account

There is no special form of registration. Players that intend to use the platform would have to log into their online casino account, select EuTeller as the payment option and follow the prompts to complete the transaction.

Adding Money to an Online Casino Account Using EuTeller

It is now time to fund your online casino account using the EuTeller payment service. Take advantage of these tips to achieve that:

  • Log into your online casino account
  • Select EuTeller as the preferred payment option
  • Select your bank. Note that EuTeller is compatible with top Finland banks, including OP Bank, Handelsbanken, Nordea, Bank of Aland (Alandbanken), and Tapiola. So, ensure yours is on the list before proceeding
  • You will be redirected to the online banking platform of the selected bank
  • Enter the amount you want to deposit
  • Enter your online banking details
  • Confirm and allow EuTeller to transfer the funds from your bank to the online casino

Withdrawing Funds from an Online Casino Using EuTeller

Unfortunately, the services offered by EuTeller don’t include withdrawals. This is simply because the platform is an intermediary for making payments. Besides, it doesn’t have a sign-up process, where you could have entered your online banking details. Therefore, you may need to explore other withdrawal options, such as a regular bank transfer.


EuTeller comes off as a viable online payment processor that helps players, and indeed a range of online banking users to transfer funds without hassles. You may need to pay the service charge of about 1.95% of the total amount of the transaction. With EuTeller, you can be sure that your online banking details wouldn’t be compromised.

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