Trustly Payments at Online Casinos

Online casinos are growing in numbers and with these come the proliferation of payment methods that cut across virtual prepaid cards, to debit/credit cards, and down to electronic wallets (e-Wallets). Among the list is the intermediary of sorts called Trustly.

As the name signifies, Trustly is out to facilitate online casino payments in a simple yet trustworthy manner. As an intermediary, it draws funds from your regular bank account and sends the same to the beneficiary/receiver, which in this case, is your favorite online casino.


Trustly is adjudged one of the fastest online casino payment methods, even though it is not as popular as conventional online payment service providers like VISA, MasterCard, and PayPal. Nevertheless, it has carved a niche for itself, after being adjudged one of the most popular and trusted payment methods in big online casino platforms.

A Swedish company established Trustly in 2008 to cater to the online transaction needs of Swedish citizens and other supported territories. It acts as an intermediary/middleman between players and payment service providers, such as banks, e-Wallets, and credit/debit cards.

Trustly currently processes more than 2.2 million secure transactions on a monthly basis and covers more than 200 banks in more than 28 European countries.

Supported Countries

Trustly is available in 21 countries of the world, including Sweden, Italy, Spain, and Finland. Trustly has offices in top European cities, including London, Barcelona, and Cologne.

How to Register

You may not have a need to sign up for or create a Trustly account because all transactions are facilitated from your online casino account.

Depositing Money in an Online Casino Using Trustly

The steps to fund your online betting account using Trustly start by locating an online casino that supports it as a payment method. The next step is to create an account on the casino before choosing Trustly as your preferred payment method. You would then need to select your country of residence (ensure that this corresponds to the location of your regular bank). You can then enter the amount you wish to deposit into your online betting account, followed by logging in with your online banking details. You would then choose the bank account you want to fund your online betting account with. This can be Savings, Checking, or any other option that is available on the list.

There would be a need for authentication, so you would provide the means of authentication that is available to you. This could either be the hardware device issued by your bank or a one-time password (OTP) delivered to your mobile number as an SMS. Proceed to verify the payment.

Withdrawing Your Earnings Using Trustly

Trustly supports the withdrawals of earnings/funds from an online casino, so you are free to do so. Follow the same steps as the deposit and follow the on-screen prompts/instructions to complete the procedure. Ensure that you reside within the Eurozone before attempting a withdrawal.


Although it doesn’t ring a bell as traditional online payment methods, Trustly still proves to be efficient in the little capacity that it holds. You may want to use the guide above to fund your online casino/betting account using the Trustly online payment gateway.