Western Union Payments at Online Casinos

It is acknowledged that the inception of the Internet changed many things, including the movement of money across borders. Even before the proliferation of online banking and the antecedent Automated Teller Machines (ATMs), the notable payment services of the time, including Western Union were among the leading financial transfer providers of the time. Although the current era is berserk with the use of online transactions in virtually all spheres of the global economy, including making payments at online casinos, it is interesting to note that Western Union has bluntly refused to take the back seat.

The company, which serves as one of the safest money transfer methods, has continuously reinvented itself to fit into the new scenario of online payments. The outcome of such moves is the addition as a payment method in many online casinos. By its reputation, the logo of Western Union in any online casino is an indication that the operator is legitimate.


Western Union has been in the business of providing safe money transfers since 1851 and has over the years, become a force to reckon with in global transactions. The company is based in Greenwood Village, Colorado, in the United States.

There is no denying that Western Union is one of the oldest payment methods in existence, and remains relevant to this day. The newfound exploration in the online casino payment world is an indication of the company’s undying quest to make global money transfers easier and safer.

Supported Countries

Western Union has massive acceptance across different countries. It currently has over 520,000 agents across the globe and is available in over 200 countries of the world.

How to Register

The services offered by Western Union are meant to be bought, and you can do that by registering for an account. After creating your Western Union account, you would have to visit any of the 35,000 retail outlets worldwide or the online platform to facilitate your transaction, in this case, funding your online casino account.

How to Make Deposits Using Western Union

Before you fund your online casino account using Western Union, you may need to consider the option that is preferable to you. Currently, users of the service can either appear at an offline outlet, or place the order through a telephone call, or the website. Any of the options, you choose, ensure that you understand the terms before proceeding with the transaction.

The first step is to identify an online casino that accepts Western Union payments. You would then sign up for an account and ask for the casino’s beneficiary name to be used when making payments through Western Union. You would then reach out to the Western Union outlet or through the online form where you would enter the operator/online casino’s detail and the amount you want to send.

You would receive an email notification on the status of the transaction while the online casino would have to visit an offline Western Union agent to retrieve the money if it doesn’t have an account. In the instance that the online casino has a Western Union account, the deposit would get to it on time, and your betting account would be credited as soon as the confirmation is done.

Withdrawals Using Western Union

It is important to note that only a few online casinos accept Western Union withdrawals. So, ensure yours does the same. If the withdrawal is supported, it might take 2 days or more and attracts a service charge.


Western Union is trusted by many online casino players because of the security, and efficiency in the transfer of money. Although it attracts some fees and may take some to validate a transaction, the benefits outweigh the few downsides.


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