Bank Wire Transfer Payments at Online Casinos

Convenience is a commodity that can be accessed with ease but the cost is huge. Over the years, financial transactions have been undergoing different evolutions, which are targeted at making cross-border transactions faster, cheaper, and more secure.

For players/gamblers in an online casino, it could be a worthy investment to opt for Bank Wire Transfer as opposed to the conventional use of virtual debit and credit cards. If you’re considering this option, then this guide would help you navigate the steps of depositing money into your online casino betting with Bank Wire Transfer.

Background to Bank Wire Transfer

The concept of wiring or transferring funds from your personal banking account to another was initiated by many financial institutions around the world to facilitate the deposit of money by users. The concept, which is also called, “ACH”, ”Bank Wire”, “Wire Transfer”, “Direct Bank Transfer”, and “Fast Bank Transfer”, ensures that you fund your betting account without the irregularities and security breaches characterized by virtual card payments.

Supported Countries

Many financial institutions offer Bank Wire Transfer across the world. So, check if yours supports it before proceeding to fund your online casino account with it.

As mentioned earlier, bank wire is available in many banks. However, the United States is among the leading countries that make use of the service, especially in funding an online casino account.

How to Sign up for Bank Wire Transfer

Ideally, there is no special account creation before gaining access to the service. It is worthy of note that many banks, especially those that are resident in the US, facilitate the transaction after supplying the necessary details. The rule of thumb is to check if your bank supports the option. In case it doesn’t, you may want to make use of a third-party option, such as Western Union to facilitate the process.

How to Fund an Online Casino Account with Bank Wire Transfer

It is now time to add extra amounts of money to continue your gambling activities on an online casino. The first step is to ascertain if the casino supports Bank Wire Transfer. If it does, you can then proceed to take the following steps:

  • Log into your online casino account and navigate to the cashier option or banking menu
  • Select “Bank Wire Transfer” from the list of payment options
  • Get the details of the casino’s banking details, such as account number and or/name
  • Proceed to authorize your bank to institute a Bank Wire Transfer by supplying the online casino’s details
  • Enter the amount you want to transfer and click “Withdraw”

Can I Withdraw Money with Bank Wire Transfer?

Aside from allowing you to make deposits, some online casinos also allow you to withdraw your earnings straight to your bank account. Therefore, you can be sure that the transaction would be facilitated without hassles.


Many players at online casinos prefer to fund their accounts using Bank Wire Transfer, and the reasons are obvious. The process doesn’t necessarily demand important details, such as your virtual card details, thereby, reducing the chances of fraudulent transactions. However, the mar drawbacks are the delays in funding the account, which usually takes a few days, and the fees accruable to the transactions.

If you can overlook these few downsides, then you can be certain that funding your online casino account using Bank Wire Transfer could turn out to be a good decision after all.