Zimpler Payments at Online Casinos

It is a fact that gamblers and online casino players are continually seeking new trends for making payments in online casinos. Interestingly, the solution they have been looking for ages is housed on Zimpler.


There’s no doubt that Zimpler might not ring a bell or be in the same category as VISA, MasterCard, and notable e-Wallet payment platforms. Yet, it seems to conquer these online payment giants by the sole mission of enhancing the transactions of online casino players.

Zimpler is an online casino payment with a difference, as you would soon discover. It was established in the year 2012 as a Swedish company that offers mobile payment options to gamblers and online casino players. Johan Friis and Ekman Sinclair who are professionals with a grasp of the online gambling industry developed it.

Two major facts to be taken away from the formulation is the sole targeting of online casino players and the use of mobile phones to facilitate transactions at online bookmakers. By these dispositions put forward by Zimpler, it is evident that the fate of online casino players concerning funding their online betting account just got better, as Zimpler has their interest at heart.

Supported Countries

Zimpler is not restricted to Sweden where it was established. The mobile payment system is also popular among Scandinavian players. The banking method is accessible to certain European countries, including the UK and Finland. The company (Zimpler) also has offices in Berlin, Stockholm, Haparanda, and Gothenburg.

How to Register

Ideally, Zimpler works with your telephone number. It is essentially an intermediary between your bank and the preferred online casino. It works by using an SMS to send your verification code, which would be used to validate the transaction.

For the registration, you need to visit the website where you would supply the required details, including your telephone number. You would then wait for the company to run a check, after which your account would be approved.

Depositing Money in an Online Casino Using Zimpler

The first step is to locate an online casino that accepts Zimpler as a payment method. Because it has fewer use cases and serves only a few European countries, you may find it hard to locate one. However, with consistent searches, you would.

The next step is to choose your preferred payment method. Ideally, you’re left with the two options of credit/debit card (which you must have signified when signing up for a Zimpler account) or through a bill. Choose your preferred payment method followed by your telephone number (ensure that this tallies with the number you supplied when signing up for a Zimpler account). Enter the amount you wish to deposit and proceed to enter the verification code that was sent to your telephone number. If successful, the transaction would be facilitated and your deposit(s) credited to your online casino account.

Withdrawals Using Zimpler

Currently, making withdrawals of earnings from online casinos is not available on Zimpler. You may want to check other available withdrawal methods to get your earnings.


Zimpler is an improvement to online payments and is a prayer answered for online casino players that are looking for a secure and fast payment system to fund their gambling accounts. You can use the tips above to do just that.


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