Check/Cheque Payments at Online Casinos

A growing number of payment methods are now in use in many online casinos around the world with most of these platforms migrating to the newest forms of virtual cards and cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin. Despite the proliferation in the medium of funding an online gambling account, many players still chose to stick to the conventional use of cheques/checks. In the same regard, online casinos and gambling platforms respond with the same gesture by allowing players/gamblers to add funds to their online betting accounts using a check/cheque.

Background to Check/Cheque Payments

This payment method has been around since the launch of mainstream financial banking, of which banks are the major players. A check/cheque allows the owner to transfer funds from his bank account to that of the beneficiary. In the case of online casinos, players are allowed to transfer specific sums of money from their local bank account to that of a casino.

Supported Countries

As mentioned earlier, a check/cheque is a medium of transferring funds to another bank user. However, there are underlying differences that set them apart. For instance, it is called “Check” in the United States, and Cheque in the United Kingdom.

This payment method is global, because of the fact that banks are virtually everywhere around the world. However, you may want to ascertain if your preferred online casino/operator offers checks/cheques as a payment method.

How to Get a Check/Cheque

The process of getting a check/cheque is easy, provided your financial service provider offers the service. You also need to find out the requirements for having one, such as a dedicated bank account.

Check/Cheque as an Online Casino Payment Method

Despite the fact that new payment trends, such as e-wallets, virtual cards, and cryptocurrencies like Ethereum (ETH), and Bitcoin (BTC) are used in online casinos, traditional payment systems, such as check/cheque also garner the support of operators and players because of the security and ease of transaction.

Do you want to add funds to your online casino account using a check/cheque? Then follow the steps below:

  • Find an online casino/operator that supports the use of a check/cheque as a payment method
  • Create an account with the platform
  • Proceed to obtain the banking details of the operator
  • After that, you are expected to fill in the details and mail to the operator through a courier service. The details to be filled into the check/cheque are payee (online casino/operator)’s full name, the amount you want to add to your gambling account (in digits and in words), and the date. Append your signature at the bottom of the check/cheque
  • Send the check/cheque through a courier service to the address of the payee/operator/online casino
  • The payee would then proceed to take the check/cheque to the bank and deposit the money into its banking account
  • The processing period/timeframe would be allowed to elapse, after which the payee/online casino would receive the funds in its account, and proceed to fund your player account.

Withdrawing with a Check/Cheque

You can also withdraw your earnings in an online casino by heading to the operator/online casino’s withdrawal page, and selecting a check/cheque as the withdrawal method. Enter the amount you want to withdraw and choose the mode of delivery (normal post or courier).

Note that courier services are faster and attract extra costs, as opposed to the normal/traditional posting, which takes days and attracts lesser costs.


The use of a check/cheque is predominant in online casinos and continues to grow even in the midst of the proliferation of virtual cards, and e-banking methods. Take advantage of the tips above and use a check/cheque to deposit and withdraw funds from your online casino account.