Gta Online Casino All Access Points

GTA Online Casino All Access Points

GTA Online Casino All Access Points are specific locations in the virtual world of Grand Theft Auto Online where players can enter and access various areas in the Diamond Casino & Resort. These points are crucial for players who want to successfully complete the casino heist missions and earn valuable rewards.


The Diamond Casino & Resort was introduced in the Diamond Casino & Resort update for Grand Theft Auto Online in July 2019. It is a glamorous and luxurious casino located in Vinewood, Los Santos, and offers players a range of activities such as casino games, races, and the casino heist missions.

To successfully complete a casino heist mission, players must first scope out and gather information about the casino, including its layout and security systems. This is where the All Access Points come into play. They allow players to enter specific areas of the casino and gather crucial information for the heist.

Types of Access Points

There are three types of All Access Points in the Diamond Casino & Resort – Doors, Points of Interest, and Security Cameras. Each of these points offers unique information and can affect the outcome of the heist.

1. Doors

Doors are physical entrances that players can use to enter and exit different areas of the casino. Each door has a specific access level, which determines if and how players can enter that area. The access levels are as follows:

  • Level 1: The door is locked, and players cannot enter without finding the access code or keycard.
  • Level 2: The door is unlockable with a keypad code that players can find by hacking a nearby keypad.
  • Level 3: The door is unlocked, and players can enter freely without any restrictions.

Finding and memorizing the access level of each door is crucial for successfully completing the heist, as it affects the approach and exit strategies.

2. Points of Interest

Points of Interest (POIs) are specific locations within the casino that can provide players with valuable information about the heist. These locations often have objects or computers that players can interact with to gather information such as blueprints, security schedules, or guard patrol routes.

Some POIs can also have secondary purposes, such as disabling security cameras or opening restricted doors, making them even more valuable for completing the heist smoothly.

3. Security Cameras

Security Cameras are an essential element of the casino heist, as they monitor the entire casino and can alert guards if they detect any suspicious activity. As such, disabling them or avoiding their line of sight is crucial for a successful heist.

The All Access Points also include Security Cameras, which players can use to their advantage by scoping out the camera locations and planning their route to avoid them. Some cameras can also have direct connections to the security systems, allowing players to hack into them and disable certain security measures.

Finding All Access Points

There are a few ways that players can find All Access Points in the Diamond Casino & Resort. Firstly, players can manually explore the casino and look for doors, POIs, and cameras themselves. However, this can be time-consuming, and players may miss out on some crucial points.

Alternatively, players can purchase the Casino Penthouse for 1.5 million GTA dollars, which comes with a VIP membership that allows them to access the Casino’s security room. From there, players can use the security cameras to automatically locate all the All Access Points.

Lastly, players can also purchase the Master Penthouse for 6.5 million GTA dollars, which comes with the VIP membership and also unlocks the Ultimate Casino Heist. This allows players to automatically find all the All Access Points without having to manually explore the casino or purchase the VIP membership separately.


GTA Online Casino All Access Points are essential for successfully completing the Diamond Casino heist missions and earning valuable rewards. Players must carefully plan and choose their approach, using the Doors, Points of Interest, and Security Cameras to their advantage. With the right strategy and a little bit of luck, players can walk away with a hefty sum of money from the Diamond Casino & Resort.

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